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Zoom Party & Zoom Show

Colin Roy Live In Your Home Or Office Virtual Style

Innovative fun filled entertainment packages via Zoom for private or corporate social events and parties. Interactive performances hosted by Colin Roy singing live with entertaining chat, audience participation and DJ. A great alternative to beat the Covid-19 restrictions and enjoy a fantastic party atmosphere.

Colin Roy’s dynamic virtual entertainment is a safe and socially distanced way of bringing together family and friends from different households or work colleagues separated whilst working from home.  For businesses lucky enough to have been operating “normally” the staff will no doubt really need a party!

A chance to dress up, put on your party hats, don your Christmas jumpers and get the drinks flowing. A highly professional presentation by Colin Roy with superb quality sound and visuals which can include company logos, pictures and handover to speeches.  A fully bespoke service for large or small groups tailored to requirements with your favourite songs, DJ requests and dedications.

Celebrate With Colin Roy Virtual Style

It’s so easy! Just decide on a date and choose who you would like to invite to your Zoom celebration then get in touch. Inform us of any special messages, requests and songs to be sung live by Colin Roy or for our DJ to play. We use cutting edge sound and green screen technology so any pictures, company logos or videos can also be added to your Zoom package to fully customise your event. Here in the UK or across the globe your guests can join in and celebrate with you in virtual style. A great time for all is guaranteed!

Enjoy your Zoom experience on a big screen

Book a Colin Roy Zoom Party or a relaxed Zoom Show to mark those special occasions

Information For A Zoom Event

Colin Roy’s Zoom Party gives you and your guests an interactive upbeat celebration with live singing and a DJ to play all your favourite songs. A great virtual party in your own socially distanced space, get dressed up, pour the drinks and have some fun.

Colin Roy’ Zoom Show is great for a more relaxed evening, gather your friends, pour a drink, sit back and enjoy the foot tapping sing along entertainment.

The Zoom party or show can last up to an hour or more if needed. Options are:

  • Colin Roy sings for 30 minutes, DJ can play before/after to extend party/show time
  • Colin Roy sings for 45 minutes, DJ can play before/after or in between performance to extend party/show time
  • Colin Roy sings for 1 hour, DJ can play before/after or in between performance to extend party/show timeHow long

Once the Zoom party/show is booked, to enable you to participate:

  • You will need a mobile phone, tablet or computer with the Zoom app already installed on your device
  • The device must have a built in or separate camera and microphone with access to the internet to take part
  • Colin Roy or the host will send you a Zoom invite link
  • Once you have opened the link your host will authorise you to join
  • TIP: Enjoy your Zoom experience on a big screen connected to your PA system or an external speaker