Make A Brighter Day

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Sending out a message for peace Colin’s creative spirit whilst writing Make A Brighter Day is once again ignited by the compassion felt from recurring disasters, war, suffering and the unrest around the world. As an artiste, conveying a positive message to others through his work is something that Colin Roy has always wanted to do. Colin’s message is simply to have a world with Peace and Love. A small statement but the challenge of a lifetime is to use ones gift to try to make a difference.

I was inspired to write Make A Brighter Day after a near death experience whilst onboard a cruise ship that caught fire in the middle of the Philippine Ocean in 2012. After witnessing how when faced with disaster, everyone on board pulled together regardless of race, creed, colour or status in order to survive, it made me question why people always wait for a catastrophe to happen before choosing to help each other.


I have been shocked and appalled by the terrifying invasion of Ukraine. After seeing this senseless war that could so easily become World War Three threatening our very existence I feel compelled to show my support by sending a message of peace through my song Make A Brighter Day. 

The unwavering bravery and unity shown by President Zelensky and the people of Ukraine is an inspiring lesson to us all. This is an historic moment for mankind, there has already been too much devastation. STOP THE WAR! Let’s stand together and reaffirmed our beliefs that Peace and Love is the only way forward for humanity.

Please support and share this song for peace.

It is in your hands, to make a better world for all who live in it. Nelson Mandela